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Claire Grellier

clarinetist, educator,  

live music recruiting specialist, and entrepreneur

"Claire Grellier’s burnished clarinet solos traced the winding lines of Bartok’s folk-infused modernism with agility."
- South Florida Classical Review

Dr. Claire Grellier enjoys a diverse career as a performer, music educator, arranger, composer, and entrepreneur. As a very active performer, particularly through the medium of chamber music. Claire has performed and presented in conferences all over the country and has performed on international stages including France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, China, and in the United States. Claire has recorded music for Pharrell Williams and performed with Netflix composer Jeff Beal.

Originally from Nice, France, Claire completed her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. Claire is the Assistant Professor of Clarinet at Ball State University in Indiana. She previously taught at Occidental College, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Youth Orchestra YOLA, and the French Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles. Additionally, Claire is the California Chair for the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors (NACWPI) and owns a small company that creates clarinet neck straps. She is a Buffet Crampon Performing Artist.

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